Event Planning

Need an event planner? We can provide a planner for your company picnic, festival, Christmas party, or corporate event that will coordinate vendors, catering, entertainment, rentals, power, permits, site maps, tickets, decor, etc…

If your event has a budget of at least $15,000 and up to $100,000 or more we can professionally plan your event. Our event planning service includes the following:

Planning meetings

Vendor coordination (catering and otherwise)

Complimentary full to scale site mapping (as pictured below)

Permitting if necessary

Trash and port-a-let coordination

Security if necessary

Professional on site (day of) coordinator

Ticket sales

Site cleanup (after event)

Power management

Decor (Balloons, air dancers, advertising inflatables)



Tents, tables, chairs, stages, ticket booths, and signage

client site map
We know it all fits where it goes before the event ever happens!
festival site map
3D full scale site maps
lyondellbassell event sitemap
1:1 scale maps created using google earth

1:1 scale maps!