8ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree

Pricing Below


the 8 ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree is great for weddings and graduations. The cherry blossoms lihht up and can change color or we can have them flash or pulse. Requires power.

Price: $350 delivered

Quantity: 1 but we may add a second tree soon


  • Height: 8.2ft
  • Branch Spread (width): 6.7ft
  • Trunk Length to First Branch: 40 Inches
  • Weight: 88.2 pounds
  • Remote: Yes
  • LED Color: RGBW
  • Settings: Steady, Fade, Jump, Chase, Flash White, Wave and Flash Out (can cycle/fade through all color options OR hold to any single color while preforming and function)
  • Number of Branches: 10
  • Total Number of LED Bulbs: 1000
  • LED Blossom Type: White Plastic Ginkgo Leaf
  • Power Source: Wall outlet