8ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree

Pricing Below


the 8 ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree is great for weddings and graduations. The cherry blossoms lihht up and can change color or we can have them flash or pulse. Requires power.

Rental Price: $350 delivered per tree

Add the Wood Base to make the tree 9.5 ft tall – additional $40 per tree

Quantity in stock: 4


  • Height: 8.2ft
  • Branch Spread (width): 6.7ft
  • Trunk Length to First Branch: 40 Inches
  • Weight: 88.2 pounds
  • Remote: Yes
  • LED Color: RGBW
  • Settings: Steady, Fade, Jump, Chase, Flash White, Wave and Flash Out (can cycle/fade through all color options OR hold to any single color while preforming and function)
  • Number of Branches: 10
  • Total Number of LED Bulbs: 1000
  • LED Blossom Type: White Plastic Ginkgo Leaf
  • Power Source: Wall outlet