Cigar Roller

Pricing Below


All of our rollers are very well spoken and appropriately for your event. We have Leonard, Bernardo, and Cindy. pricing is as follows. The first 50 cigars hand rolled on site is $900 plus tax, then it’s $8 per cigar after that. Then if you want custom cigar bands with your logo, bride and groom names, or monogram, that is a flat fee of $75.

50 cigars will have us there for 2 hours and the more cigars you order the longer we stay.

Our tobacco is the best quality money can buy. It’s from Nicaragua and it’s Cuban seed.

We dress in business attire. Just like the white haired gentleman you see on the website. We just need a table and chair to set up at. ‘If’ you have a smoking section then please put us there. That way we can clip and light cigars for your guests.

*Important: There is another roller out there telling people you can’t smoke the cigars for 24 hours after they are rolled. This is completely false. The whole idea of getting a fresh rolled cigar is so you can smoke it and get that fresh flavor. I believe the other roller says that because they may be skimping on the quality of their tobacco in order to cut costs. You’ll know right away how great the quality of our cigars are and you can let us know right then and there.