Karaoke Machine Rental – Touch Screen

Pricing Below


Who needs a DJ when you have the Oke Box Karaoke Machine. Our Touch Screen Karaoke machine has thousands of songs in English, Spanish, French, and other languages. It includes (2) wireless microphones and rechargeable batteries for each. Also includes the monitor, speakers, and touch screen system of music selection. While one person or pair are singing, the next person or pair can be selecting the song they want next. No attendant required!

Party all night with our Karaoke machine rental. Long after a DJ has gone home you’ll still be singing up a storm. You have complete control and it’s so easy to use. The speakers were designed to work in night clubs so you’ll have all the sound you need. Rent our Karaoke machine today for your upcoming event!

We cannot go up flights of stairs, one or two steps is fine but no stairs sorry.


One day event – $350 delivered (pick up the next morning if needed at no extra charge)

Two days – $450 delivered

One week – $600 delivered