Snail Obstacle Course Toddler Bouncer (35 ft long)

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This is great for toddler age children. They crawl through and it has windows where the parents can watch the little ones. Requires (1) dedicated 20 amp circuit (1 separate outlet). The snail obstacle course is very unique. This course in entirely enclosed, but no worry there is plenty of air flow inside. This inflatable is very eye appealing with its many colors, and is geared towards a younger audience. Elementary aged kids are perfect to play in the snail!

The toddler obstacle course is a great addition to any festival.

Dimensions: 34 x 4 x 4 ‘S’ Shaped

Recommended Ages: 2 thru 7

Price: $350

*Important* We highly recommend getting separate inflatable for the little kids (toddlers) as the bigger kids tend to play to rough.